Coachella 2015

By April 15, 2015Travel



When Spring arrives, music follows… and so do the most trendy music festivals of the year.


This time we feel inspired by the arts and music festival of Coachella which takes place once a year in the dessert of California.


It was created back in 1993 but it’s still a blast of fun and it just keeps getting better with its celebrities, fashion trends and last but not least, the most stunning music performances.

inst4Today, we could think of Coachella as this century’s Woodstock, keeping the hippie soul, the chic vibe in its outfits, the flower head bands and just the drifting and dreamy mood of the place.


Looking into a more fashion oriented sense of Coachella, we can say that the buzz is not only around the memorable artists and shows but around the celebrities that attend and put all their efforts in what they wear.

inst6The looks and outfits definitely equal the music success of the festival.

inst7Dressing up for it becomes a meticulous task when it comes to Coachella.

inst9It must be taken into account the fact that as it is in the desert, you must expect very high temperatures so comfort must be a priority.

inst8If we could break down Coachella into some words we could think of bohemian, rock, fringes, lace, sunnies, folk, florals, dreamy, hats, cropped, torn, suede, short shorts, short tops and long skirts.