The perfect bikini for your winter getaway

By March 2, 2017Collections, News, Travel

Are you ready for bikini season?

It’s no secret that our favorite season is summer and that we cannot wait to spend all of our free time at the beach. But before we can feel super confident about wearing our hottest bikini we need to warm up a little bit to the season!

We all know that it can be difficult sometimes to ditch comfy sweaters and scarves for some itsy bitsy bikini. Whether you choose a warm destination for your vacation, going to a Spa to relax or you are getting ready for the next festival music, you want to make sure you feel amazing in your swimsuit !

We put together a few options that will make you feel confident about wearing your swimsuit.

Mosaic-maillots-noirsFind the right style

One piece

One piece swimsuit is the ultimate fashion accessory and a must have in your wardrobe. If you want to transition to summer with class and style, a one piece might be the best option. It will make you feel comfortable and sculpt your silhouette.

If you are going for a sexy and glamorous look you will love our Millennium One Piece.

Millenium-1pieceBe bold and go for our Socaly swimsuit.

socaly-1piece2 pieces

Feeling comfortable and confident is the secret to looking amazing ! Make sure to pick a shape that makes you feel good.

You can stop by in the nearest store to shop for bikini here, we’ll help you find the style that suits you best.

You can also take a look at our products online and shop by shape, coverage and style!

sandjactio-2piecesFind the right colors

When it comes to feeling great in a swimsuit it’s not just about finding the right shape and style, your choice of color is also very important.

Deep & earth tones

If you didn’t manage to work on your tan yet and your skin tone is rather light then you should go for deep and earth tones. Red, burgundy, Olive green, terracotta and any other bold colors is flattering for a light skin tone.MAASAI_BANANA_MOON_2_PIECES

Flawless in Black

Nothing can go wrong with a black swimsuit: On top of being the most slimming and lengthening color, black looks good on any skin tone, hair color and body shape! It’s a must have in your wardrobe, and the perfect piece to start the bikini season with confidence and style.